Case Study

Training Paddock

Whats your name? 

Ashlea Miles


What do you farm? 

Lamb, wool and grains 

Where do you farm?

Trangie, NSW 

What is your business?

Training Paddock helps employers track and standardise employee skills and qualifications, bringing transparency, compliance, and efficiency to skills-based employment. The platform allows for on-the-job skills (e.g., chemical certifications) to be recognised, tracked, and endorsed. This helps employees get credit for the skills they have, and helps business owners to quickly identify skills, track expiry dates, and manage their employee’s information easily and in one place.

Training paddock .png

Best Bootcamp take away?

When Ash joined the program, Training Paddock was building their first version of the product and had raised a pre-seed funding round. Her goals coming into the program were to develop a marketing strategy, work on the business model, and sign up trial customers. During the program, Ash refined her pricing strategy, researched and defined customer segments, and developed an onboarding process for customers. Most significantly, she signed up three trial customers across three different segments, all of whom are ready to try out the Training Paddock, and if successful during the pilot, become paying customers. 


“Over the 3 months, my confidence in pitching and sales skills improved. By the end of the program, Training Paddock has expanded across 9 different industries and onboarded over 240 employees in our pilot program.” 

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