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Rural Industries


In partnership with Farmers2Founders, AgriFutures Australia are looking for innovative business ideas and concepts that support the continued sustainability and growth of rural industries. These industries include: chicken meat, rice, honey bees & pollination, ginger, tea tree, pasture seeds, export fodder, thouroughbred horses, kangaroo, buffalo, deer and goar fibre.


If you have an idea, concept or you are an early-stage startup business that solves a problem on farm and supports the growth of a rural industry we want to hear from you!

Once you have submitted your idea, we will be in touch to talk through which program might be best suited for your business idea. 

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Got an idea?

Are you a producer, tech developer, student, entrepreneur or research team with an idea or concept for a rural industry?

We are looking for ideas in the following areas (but not limited to):


​Chicken Meat

  • Improve food safety of Australian chicken meat

  • Develop and implement measures to improve industry impact on the environment

  • Improve chicken meat production through the whole supply chain

  • Innovative value-add products to meet consumer needs


  • Solutions to achieve the Dry Rice 1.5t/ML water use efficiency target by 2030

  • Rice breeding- varieties and quality improvement that deliver increased yield and improved eating quality

  • Farm productivity- crop inputs, crop protection and the farming system

  • Extension, sustainability and human capital

Honey Bee & Pollination

  • Identify and develop technology for improved hive performance

  • Solutions to improve nutrition best practice and disease interaction

  • Innovative high-value products for consumers

  • Improve pollination strategies, crop yield and hive health


Still got questions?

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  • Improve pest and disease management,

  • Technology solutions to improve on-farm productivity

  • High-value products for consumers to increase demand for Australian ginger

Tea Tree Oil

  • Improve supply of Australian tea tree oil through higher yielding varieties, reduction in input costs

  • Innovative uses for Australian tea tree oil, such as cosmetic applications

Pasture Seeds

  • Technology to improve production and processing efficiency and profitability


Submit your idea today!

Not sure where your idea fits? That's ok, we want to hear from you!

Current Programs- Open for applications

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