Farm 2

Case Study

Raw Food Hub 

Whats your name? 

Josh and Tomoko Allen 


What do you farm? 

Organic fruits and vegetables 


Where do you farm?

Nana Glen, New South Wales 


What is your business? 

Raw Food Hub provides a sales and marketing service that sells produce for certified and small local organic farms direct to consumers who otherwise struggle to find a consistent, high quality supply of organic produce.  Raw Food Hub is part of The Synchronicity Group, which also encompasses their farm, Synchronicity, Giving Tree, an educational provider, and Kid Farmer, an experiential learning business. Synchronicity exists to support the health of the community through local, organic produce, education and agritourism experiences.


Best Bootcamp take away?

At the beginning of the Bootcamp Program, Raw Food Hub had over 500 casual customers, with 30 ongoing subscription customers, which was steadily growing by 1-2 each week. 


Through the Bootcamp, Josh and Tomoko were forced to take a step back from the daily chaos of delivering hundreds of boxes of produce and instead pinpoint 2-3 key strategic priorities to work on.


The team decided to use the 3 months of the program to build a system and infrastructure that would increase efficiencies, help with their customer acquisition strategy, and to build a budget. 


Josh developed a complete financial model for forecasting and managing all aspects of the business, allowing him to track all elements of pricing, orders, and subscription details. They also got set up on a CRM platform to manage social campaigns and customer acquisition and launched a new website. 

"The F2F Bootcamp program was exactly what we needed at the end of 2019. The business was expanding but we had too many balls in the air to juggle. The amazing coaches forced us to focus on a few key elements of the business that we really wanted to improve. As a result, we developed key systems that have helped to improve the operations and efficiencies of the business, which we are already reaping the benefits from. Our start to 2020 has been insanely good and things continue to grow and get better."

Raw Food Hub today is now delivering 300 boxes monthly with 20-25 local organic farmers supported by the platform, delivering on Josh and Tomoko’s vision to support the local economy and the ecosystem together.