Case Study


Whats your name? 

Peter and Lauren Brisbane


What do you farm? 

Organic Camel Dairy


Where do you farm?

Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland


What is your business? 

QCamel is the world's first and only organic certified camel dairy company, producing a range of milk and skin care products. QCamel began in the camel dairy industry with milk products, offering a range of milk and chocolate products. The business has recently diversified into skin care and cosmetics made of camel milk and Australian native botanicals, and is working on launching their line into Asia.  


Best Bootcamp take away?

QCamel’s ultimate business goal is to become a global supplier of high quality skin care products. Through F2F, Lauren and Peter wanted to attract an international distributor and develop their positioning within the global market. The focus for QCamel in the Bootcamp Program was to develop growth and marketing strategies for their skincare products. By the end of the program, QCamel were ramping up production and activities to launch their skincare products into Asia. However, due to the COVID-19 these plans have been put on hold. QCamel are now using skills and tools they learned in the program to pivot their focus to domestic product sales.

“By participating in the Bootcamp Program, it has forced us to take a dual approach- focusing on both the skin care and milk products. As a result, this has opened up the door for export opportunities for both product categories. We believe we now have a global product that can meet the Asia Pacific market demands- what we learnt and developed in the program has helped us to do that. 

F2F also gave us the ability to break down our business into the key components and define each portion, ultimately allowing us to then build the plan and go forward. We now feel in a better position to meet the expectations of both investors and buyers. Being involved with a highly motivated and driven personnel, who genuinely wanted us to succeed, was a huge highlight of the program.” 


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