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Producers are at the heart of what we do

Meet some of the passionate producers in our current Ideas Program cohort

Meet our current cohort

Sara Bailey & Cheryl Jakobi

Lakes Entrance | Victoria

Successful applicants and producers Sara Bailey and her partner Cheryl Jakobi of Gippsland Pearls grow gourmet mushrooms and produce escargot caviar from their snail farm at Lakes Entrance, Victoria. The entrepreneurial duo grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms and have recently developed “mushroom dust”, sprinkled over meals to add a subtle flavour to the dish.


Margaret Wilson

Atherton Tablelands | Queensland

Successful applicant and North Queensland tea grower Margaret Wilson plans to produce Australia's first Green Tea Seed Oil and said the opportunity to experience high-performance coaching and learn new, best-practice tools to test her idea was too good to miss.


Gaethan Cutri

Swan Hill | Victoria

Swan Hill based applicant Gaethan Cutri owns and runs Australia’s largest stone fruit farming business, Cutri Fruit. The former lawyer is undertaking an app build that he hopes to improve the efficiency, productivity and accuracy of his fruit pickers. Whilst initially the technology will be applied to their own business, Gaethan hopes to eventually commercialise and sell to growers both domestically and internationally.


Jodie Lawless

South Burnett | Queensland

With customers increasingly demanding transparency and a closer connection to their food Jodie and her team are hoping to develop a sales platform for farmers within the South Burnett region that will allow farmer direct sales, and promote the region as a foodie hub. The successful beef producer says there is strong interest from customers in sourcing produce direct from the region.

Will Hooke

Green Graze is a cost-effective “techno grazing” management system designed to increase stock performance without infringing on animal welfare or negatively impacting the surrounding environment. Designed by Will Hooke, Green Graze will see the development of large scale mechanised units that are moveable and can contain anywhere up to 1000 sheep to graze pasture at an optimum level for the sheep’s production while best managing the pasture to maximise growth and minimise soil disturbance.

Scott & Rachael Messenger

Penola | South Australia

Husband and wife team Scott and Rachael Messenger plan to develop a new zero drift recycle vineyard sprayer.  Their device would allow the safe use of chemicals in delicate environments such as high density urban areas or sensitive neighbouring crops. The market currently offers semi-recycling sprayers, but these still produce a percentage of spray drift.

Clint & Trevor Ledgard

McLaren Vale | South Australia

Clint and Trevor Ledgard are a great combination of contractor, engineer and growers. Clint's vineyard management and daily contracting activities supported by Trevor's engineering background and extensive vineyard experience have developed an intimate knowledge of the problems that the industry deals with. 

They are currently  building a device with machine vision and abilities to allow pruning equipment to recognise posts and cordons. They believe this would be a welcome solution providing speed, accuracy and addressing industry OH&S issues. 

Marian McGann

New South Wales

A decade ago NSW farmer Marian McGann almost lost her livelihood when local thieves took off with a significantly large number of sheep. The only recourse was to go back through pocket notebooks which were adhoc at best. It was then that Ms McGann thought there must be a better way and has since developed a stock record keeping app, My Pocket Mate - Stock Keeper that she hopes will remove the old-fashioned and unreliable mode of documenting.

Chris Delahunty


Victorian based grain grower Chris Delahunty’s believes his crop yield forecasting tool could provide a significantly positive impact for grain growers. Having already experienced success using the tool on his own property, he is hopeful that the technology will help industry peers determine key on-farm decisions such as applicable fertiliser rates, grain marketing, set yields for insurance coverage and more which will ultimately improve business outcomes.

Farmers2Founders (F2F) is a world-first innovation program tailored to producers that equips them to act as frontline innovators and supports them to develop entrepreneurship & technology capabilities, so they can solve critical industry challenges.

Along side our industry partners we aim to find and support Australian producers to bring bold new ideas to the industry, here are some of our current cohort benefiting from the program... 

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