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F2F Harvest Program 2021: All finalists announced!

The F2F team is so excited to announce the finalists for the 2021-22 Harvest Program! We welcome 16 innovative, Australian agrifood businesses who are looking to accelerate their growth.

The purpose of this 5-month accelerator program is to equip high potential agrifood businesses with the capabilities they need to scale into national and international markets, deliver transformational growth to their industry, and maximise their social and economic contribution through jobs and revenue. The Harvest Program opens its doors to agritech or innovative food and beverage businesses.

This year, in particular, the judges were faced with a great number of outstanding applications and resulted in a passionate discussion to shortlist the final teams.

Over the next few months, we will be following their individual journey's but for now, we are delighted to name our 2021 finalists...

Starting as housemates and now business partners Mike and Will are the creative co-founders of AgWe. AgWe helps farmers benefit from showcasing their sustainable farming practices and telling their stories. Will and Mike seek to bridge the gap between farming and urban communities by creating a centralised and transparent platform. This platform helps customers and buyers easily connect and source their produce or raw materials from Australia's best and most sustainable farms.

Authentium is the world’s first decentralised primary producer commodity exchange (DEX) and DASCO network. The team at Authentium is an open community of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the coming new world order where all primary producers are treated fairly, equally and justly rewarded for their hard work.

Has Algae is an alternative protein company that produces lifestyle and health products in a carbon-negative manner that enables people to eat their way out of climate change. The diverse team at Has Algae works together to offer vegan superfood powders rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids EPA, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These powders can be added to ready meals and beverages, including rice and pasta-based meals, smoothies, soups and sauces.

Shaun is the founder of KOOEE! - Australia's leading healthy meat snacks brand. KOOEE! Includes a range of natural jerky and snack sticks made with only the best quality ingredients, such as organic grass-fed beef. The products can be found in hundreds of stores across Australia, including Woolworths, Coles and Costco.

Miluny is a native clay beauty range that promises to take you on a sensory journey of timeless beauty. Miluny clays are carefully curated by Celeste by keeping the Australian climate in mind and to support your senses, mind and body all through each season.

Native Oz Bushfoods is an Aboriginal family-owned, Lockyer Valley-based, company in South East Queensland Markets as well as selling nationally through their online business. Tracey and Douglas founded Native Oz Bushfoods on their love and knowledge of quality native ingredients. Their carefully crafted products are a great way to add the flavour of the Australian bush to your food.

Anna is discovering new ways to value-add lentils that she and her husband grow on the Southern Yorke peninsula. Her company Rosevale Lentils has a range of retail meal kits and protein kits for the consumer and a range of bulk foodservice products.

Edible insects are generating a lot of attention as a cost-effective, long-term protein source that has the potential to transform how we feed our animals and ourselves. Mick from Solution Blue is addressing this problem with an innovative solution by using insects and a unique technology that is capable of lower-cost production, resulting in the highest quality product at a low cost.

AquaTerra is a technology start‐up that provides on‐demand information about soil conditions such as moisture and temperature, and insights into on-farm management. The purpose of the technology is to provide insights on farming operations, informing agronomists and farmers on soil conditions to help with irrigation management and fertiliser application. A team of six young minds came together and contributed to building Aquaterra where farmers can do more, with less. Through participation in the Harvest Program, Amir aims to seek investor support.

Chocolate on Purpose is a 100% Indigenous owned business by Fiona Harrison, combining couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals to create the Bush Food Chocolate range. Fiona is an artisan chocolatier, who crafts delicious chocolate experiences infused with ancient wisdom and a mission. Fiona is excited to be a part of the Harvest program and is looking to grow her social contribution to the community.

i-TRAK aims to deliver a revolutionary system that provides total confidence in accurate whole-of-life identification and traceability of livestock. The team at i-TRAK is achieving this by developing the ‘next generation’ livestock ID and tracking system using Retinal Scanning.

Estelle and her husband are proud Wheatbelt grain farmers and now value-adders to the industry. They offer premium breakfast hand-blended cereal made on-farm, using ingredients sourced only from Western Australia* including freshly rolled Wheatbelt oats, Wheatbelt honey plus nuts, seeds and other ingredients across all regions of WA. Through participation in the Harvest program, Estelle aims to make industry connections and seek support to grow her business.

Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise focused on native food production. Their purpose is to ensure that the native food system grows in a way that is environmentally regenerative, culturally respectful, and socially and economically beneficial to First Peoples. Their goal is to determine ways to accelerate the growth and impact of their company through the Harvest program.

Olive Gap Farm is a family team of four young farmers specialising in producing carbon positive certified organic native essential oils and open-air seasonal cut flowers. Their passion lies in producing top-quality essential oils the traditional way, off-grid with wood fire steam distillation. Every step of their production is done on the farm.

Savannah is all about disrupting food imports and driving value creation at the farm gate. Kate and Tony want to support the development of a resilient and sustainable farming system in northern Australia. Through value-adding and developing supply chains the duo wishes to bring new seed, grain, oil, flour and food ingredients products to Australia and overseas with 100% Australian grown and processed food products.

Tara has seen a gap in the market and focuses on creating sophisticated and authentic drinks showcasing Indigenous art, culture and stories. Yaala is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘the present moment' and hence the name Yaala Sparkling, which is an Indigenous-owned artisan drinks company with a native twist.

We want to thank AgriFutures, AWI, MLA, FRDC, Wine Australia and GRDC for their continued support of Farmers2Founders and the Harvest Program. It will be exciting to see where these teams will be in 5-months time once they graduate from the program.

If you would like to know more about our team’s progress, please subscribe to our newsletter here and follow Farmers2Founders on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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