Case Study

Outback Lamb

Whats your name?

Fiona Aveyard


What do you farm?

Single origin, pasture-raised lamb 

Where do you farm?

Tullamore, NSW  

What is your business?

 Outback Lamb, led by award-winning, 2019 Farmer of the Year, Fiona Aveyard, produces single origin, pasture-raised lamb. Fiona has identified the importance of moving beyond a pure commodity offering and sees an opportunity to develop value-added products that both align with consumer demands, as well as capture more value for the producer.  As a first value-added product, Outback Lamb is exploring a range of lamb sausage rolls.


Best Bootcamp take away?

A key focus for Fiona was to develop a positioning strategy that placed her products in the market as a gourmet, high quality, artisanal, 100% Australian offer.  As part of the program, Fiona undertook a detailed analysis of target customers and the most appropriate channel to reach these customers. To set herself out from competitors, Fiona is exploring a preservative-free recipe along with compostable packaging. Fiona graduated from the program with a clear idea of how her product can compete in the marketplace, and is now ready to scale up production of the sausage rolls.  As a direct result of her value-adding, Outback Lamb has already achieved a 60% increase in carcass value (from $250 to >$400 per animal). 


“I believe that side-projects like this will have a significant impact on the commercial viability of lamb farming, as producers move away from the low margins and unpredictability of commodity businesses into the higher margin and more consumer-focused opportunities of value-adding. 


I found it all to be quite an exceptional program to be part of.  To have others analyse your business in such an intense but supportive environment is a rare opportunity.  To have fresh eyes on what you do and to have to explain and justify choices was hard, but a great way to change the direction and grow the business.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.”


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