Case Study

Jason O'Dea 

The Idea

Jason is a wine grape and bottled wine producer in Canowindra, NSW. Jason came into the Ideas Program with an idea for an organic wine-based, low-alcohol beverage, using the grapes deemed unsuitable for traditional table wine making. The usage of this leftover produce represents extra revenue at no extra grape cost. 


Before the program, Jason had already had discussions with his existing distributors and other retailers to discern interest in the product, which they believed would be high. Having completed 3 months of research prior to F2F, Jason came into the program with the goal of proceeding to the next stage of product development for the organic wine ‘Ready to Drink’ product. 

The Journey 

In the program, Jason focused on identifying his customer segments and drinking preferences which he did through extensive customer interviews (20+). Initially, Jason was targeting 25-35 year olds, but through the interview and research process, realised that this segment was not the right fit for the ready-to-drink product. After a few pivots, Jason identified that there was more interest and alignment for Jason’s solution from the 32-45yo age group.


Going through the steps of customer interviewing and ‘insight downloading’ allowed him to pivot quickly without any financial loss. Similarly, he was able to develop a much more targeted approach whereby the solution he was building actually fit with the right customer segment. The tools and methodologies that Jason employed in the program allowed him to make the right decisions on his solution (such as packaging, branding, ingredients and channel strategy) and  build a  solution that met their specific  needs.


“Learning the importance of doing interviews was one of the most valuable aspects of the program. I kept thinking along the way that I wish I had done this 20 years ago - it would have saved some serious dud products from being developed”.

The Ideas Program Impact

Through the process of customer interviewing Jason was able to pinpoint the exact moments that his customers make decisions; who influences their purchase choices and where they source their information from.  These important insights will allow Jason  to develop a strong marketing strategy to effectively communicate the key benefits of his solution to them. 

“Everything that I have learnt in this program has been amazing, and there is a lot that I can apply not just to the new business idea but also my existing business”. 


Jason is now working on new branding, a website, and prototypes of the product.

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