Supporting producers to transform agrifood and fibre

Developing entrepreneurship & technology capabilities,  so producers can solve critical industry challenges.

Who we are 

Farmers2Founders (F2F) is a world-first innovation program tailored to producers that equips them to act as front-line innovators and supports them to develop entrepreneurship & technology capabilities, so they can solve critical industry challenges.

We elevate the role of producers

to solve real problems

Producers have hard-won expertise, insights, context, and networks. We must unlock this potential and enable producers to catalyse more high value agrifood innovations.

By placing producers at the centre of agrifood innovation.

How our unique program


The F2F program includes all the necessary tools, resources, training, coaching & support to deliver solutions to genuine industry problems.

Our team of industry experts will guide your journey.

Supporting innovation and adoption of technology

F2F Pathways 

Early Adopters

Seeking support to engage

with technology developers.


Looking to catalyse new

innovations or ventures.

Have a question?

Interested in getting feedback on your business idea, getting help growing your off-farm business or just wondering what’s involved in F2F programs?  

Office Hours is an opportunity to book in a 20 minute session with one of the F2F coaches to talk about your business, idea or tech adoption challenge, get expert advice and find out more about how Farmers2Founders can help. 

Book your virtual session with the team today!

Industry partners

Technology Trials Program

Early Adopters seeking support to engage with technology developers and fast track the introduction of new technologies to their own farming businesses.

Meet the team

We are experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the global agrifood tech ecosystem.  We have come together to form F2F because we are passionate about working with the whole agrifood & fibre value chain,  helping innovative producers to develop new ideas, technologies, and capabilities that will solve real industry and consumer problems.

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F2F Blog

What producers say

The F2F program has the capability to provide enormous value for producers, particularly those frontier producers who continue to push the boundaries. I am proud to fully support and endorse F2F.

Karen Martin, Yanalla Farms

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