The Farmers2Founders 5-month Harvest program equips high potential agrifood businesses with the capabilities they need to scale into national and international markets, deliver transformational growth to their industry, and maximise their social and economic contribution through jobs and revenue.

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Chocolate On Purpose


Chocolate on Purpose is a 100% Indigenous women led business owned by Fiona Harrison, combining couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals to create the Bush Food Chocolate range.

Harvest Highlights

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Increased traction to website by 2.7K new visitors

Secured 9 new corporate business customers

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Achieved 194 new individual customers

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Solution Blue


Mick Thornett, founder of Solution Blue, is addressing challenges around future protein sources with an innovative solution  using insects and a unique technology that is capable of lower-cost production, resulting in the highest quality product.

Harvest Highlights

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Significant shift in mindset from operational focus to customer value proposition resulting in new manufacturing customers

Established MVP to test with business customers

Developed strong investment strategy to deliver increased production capacity

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AquaTerra is a technology start-up that provides on-demand information about soil conditions such as moisture and temperature and insights into on-farm management.

Harvest Highlights

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Secured strategic partnerships with Telstra and Hologram

Received $60, 000 funding

Applied for $100,000 grant from Melbourne University

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Olive Gap Farm


Olive Gap Farm produces 100% organic tea tree oil from their farm located in Northern NSW. Olive Gap Farm has worked with local indigenous groups and landowners to understand the process of wood fire steaming the production of tea tree oil.

Harvest Highlights

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Focused in on direct to consumer sales projected to increase 4X revenue in 2022


Launched first value add product achieving sell out in first week

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AgWe helps farmers benefit from showcasing their sustainable farming practices and telling their stories. Will and Mike seek to bridge the gap between farming and urban communities by creating a centralised and transparent platform.

Harvest Highlights

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Developed a clear revenue model with a portfolio of revenue streams

Secured clear ROI to wool farmers via Elders collaboration

Projected increase of >1000 growers on platform in next 6months

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Native Foodways


Native Foodways is a First Nations owned and led social enterprise focused on native food production. Their purpose is to ensure that the native food system grows in a way that is environmentally regenerative, culturally respectful, and socially and economically beneficial to First Peoples.

Harvest Highlights

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Secured multiple strategic partnerships: 5+ pro bono; 10+ farms & kitchens; 10+ Indigenous suppliers; 3+ B2B customers; 20+ food box subscribers; RMIT as product development and R&D partners

$200,000 in philanthropic funding

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iTRAK Logo.png

iTRAK’s goal is to develop an identification and traceability system for the red meat industry that is totally reliable, is tamperproof, can prove ownership and help address animal welfare.

Harvest Highlights

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Developed their investor data room and strategy for raising investment

Identified plan for addressing people, capability and diversity gaps in their team structure

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Savannah Sunfoods


Savannah Sunfoods was formed to create Australian production systems for crop species that are traditionally imported such as mustard seed, sesame, and wild rice. This would help Northern Australia to diversify its industries, create economic stability through job creation, and even out the supply bumps that have been highlighted over the last two years.

Harvest  Highlights

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Attraction of significant new investor in business

Advanced discussions with two large food manufacturers for the supply of Australian mustard seeds

Partnership with local partner to develop new value added sesame products

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kooee logo.png

Kooee is Australia's leading healthy meat snacks brand. Their product range includes natural jerky and snack sticks made with high quality ingredients, such as organic grass-fed beef.

Harvest Highlights

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Transitioning to a different production and manufacturing model

Expanding the management team with sales & marketing capabilities

Development of strategic roadmap to raise capital through equity crowdfunding

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Has Algae

Has Algae, a startup commercialising research outcomes that fit with plant-based diet trends. The business has created new convenient superfood products using cutting edge micro-algae technology.

Harvest Highlights

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Established online presence and digital marketing channels to validate new product innovations

Developed detailed value chain assessment to identify key bottlenecks

Developed deeper understanding of team dynamics with the goal to recruit new capabiltiies into the business to support future growth

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Native Oz Bushfoods


Doug and Tracey Goebel are the husband and wife duo behind Indigenous owned and led business Native Oz Bushfoods which started some 16 years ago through their deep understanding of the importance of culture and native foods.

Harvest Highlights

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Received grant funding from Tourism Australia for film and photography 

Secured new strategic partnerships and research study

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Received national exposure through TV and news articles

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