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In partnership with Farmers2Founders, Grains Research & Development Corporation are looking for innovative business ideas and concepts that solve a problem on farm or for the grains industry. 

If you have an idea, concept or you are an early-stage startup business that is addressing any of the following grains industry challenges we would like to hear from you.

Once you have submitted your idea, we will be in touch to talk through next steps and see which one of our venture creation programs you might be best suited for!

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Got an idea?

Are you a grain grower, tech developer, student, entrepreneur or research team with an idea or concept to solve an on farm problem for the grains industry?

We are looking for ideas in the following areas:


  • Developing new, novel, high-value uses of products and by-products targeted at: plant-based alternatives, human health, nutrition and allergenicity, high-value feed uses, new industrial uses, or biofuels

  • New technologies that reduce labour costs and/or improve the efficiency of repetitive tasks such as seeding, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting (including automation and robotics)

  • Maintain and/or improve the price of Australian grain through differentiation based on: advanced genetics, functionality, food safety and traceability, sustainability of production, reduced downgrading, new and/or enhanced grain classification processes, and optimal management of biosecurity issues

  • Providing solutions that enable growers to optimise input costs and profitability through data-informed decision-making

Read more on GRDC's Strategic Priorities here:

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Amy & Charlie Lange, Auscrimper

Still got questions?


Pip & Skeet Lawson, Pinnaroo Farms

Submit your idea today!

Not sure where your idea fits? That's ok, we want to hear from you!

Current Programs- Open for applications

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Say 'Hi' to our Alumni

Some of our incredible producers who have completed an F2F program. Meet all our alumni here