Tractor Wheels

Case Study

Gary Fiechtner

The Producer

Gary is a farmer in Toowoomba, Queensland, who is working on developing a direct drill planter attachment. The attachment is targeted at broadacre farmers with livestock looking to address their compaction challenges.


Gary has previously built a first version of the product that is now in use on his own farm. This test version has shown the utility of the product while also revealing design changes required for the commercial version of the product.

gary fiechtner.png

Program learnings

Gary’s focus coming into the F2F program was to identify how to access the required capital to build the commercial version of the product.


During the program, Gary began presenting the proposed commercial product to farmers locally with a view to signing up pre-sales of contracting services.


He hopes to use the revenue from these pre-sales to fund the build of the machine.  Gary believes that his participation in the F2F program has given him the confidence to pitch his idea to investors and future customers.


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