Case Study

Garlicious Grown

Whats your name?  

Cathy Owen & Jenny Daniher


What do you farm?



Where do you farm?

 Braidwood, NSW


What is your business? 

Jenny and Cathy produce black garlic. Using white garlic that is cooked at a low temperature and high humidity for 30 days, Garlicious Grown produces a line of award winning, chemical free, gourmet black garlic products such as salad dressings, aioli’s and pastes. 


Best Bootcamp take away?

Cathy and Jenny came into the program with a desire to grow capacity and enter into more markets while containing costs. A significant barrier for the team was the lack of public awareness and understanding of what black garlic was and how it can be used. To overcome this, Cathy and Jenny focused on getting black garlic onto more menus, and thus pursued a strategy to increase their reach into the food service industry. By the end of the program, Garlicious Grown had expanded into the meal box market, including securing orders with HelloFresh.


“The program really pushed us to go out and talk to customers- even though this is something we did quite frequently before the program, we were forced to focus on their pain points, rather than what they thought of the product. This helped to create more effective marketing position statements and allowed us to dial in on our value proposition.


We feel we are in a much better position to scale the business, and the expert F2F coaches have helped to build the necessary capabilities for business development. One of the biggest achievements was developing a marketing plan, which included a clear pricing structure and helped to refine the key channels.”


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