Case Study


Whats your name?

Lee Coleman, Matt Higham & Lance Williams 

What do you farm?

Mixed broadacre cropping and livestock 

Where do you farm? 

Croppa Creek, NSW 

What is your business?

FarmSimple is a cloud-based farm management system built by farms, for farmers.  The system includes simple tools for all aspects of broadacre farming operations, helping managers make better decisions and perform all record keeping activities in one place.

Best Bootcamp take away?

During the program, FarmSimple went through a rebranding process and launched a new website. The team also refined their market positioning (i.e., how they are different from other products) and focused on their sales process. By the end of the program, FarmSimple saw a 35% increase in clients and 67% increase in revenue, and was awarded a $25K Jobs4NSW Minimum Viable Product grant. 



“I can’t express how useful this program was to advancing FarmSimple….The pace was spot on and perfect for our situation in 2019. For any growers out there looking to scale up their business or who are struggling to attract new customers, I highly recommend F2F. 

The biggest learning for us was that you can't wait to have your product at 100% - you have to test the problem vs the client's pain. It's super important to get out there and test your assumptions and sell the vision”.

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