Case Study

Farm Service Manager

Whats your name?  

David Ricardo

What do you farm? 

Dryland cotton and grains

Where do you farm?  

Walgett, NSW

What is your business? 

Farm Service Manager (FSM) is a digital logbook that helps farmers manage their machinery service records. The app helps growers manage the service history for all makes and models of machinery, thereby increasing resale value, preventative maintenance, workplace health and safety, and ultimately boosting productivity across the farm. 

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Best Bootcamp take away?

David was able to learn new technology platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google AdWords and use them to acquire customers. As a result, David doubled monthly subscriptions to FSM. 

“The F2F coaches were really outstanding…. They helped to brainstorm new ideas and bring to light different perspectives that I hadn’t considered before. They introduced smarter ways of handling planning and making decisions."

The program also taught me how I can accurately measure customer acquisition and activation, and pushed me to trial new channels. The effectiveness of this is evident in the boost in monthly subscriptions achieved in the last few months. I now have a new understanding of my customers, and what it will take to scale into a world wide app”. 

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