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Will Hooke

Ideas Program 1

28 Feb 2019

Will Hooke


Will Hooke is a wool producer from the Serpentine region of Victoria. He came into the F2F program with an idea based on techno grazing for pasture management.

Will wanted to develop a 60m x 60m mechanised unit that moves on wheels and could contain up to 1000 sheep, with the initial customers being sheep farmers in arable flat farming areas.

The idea

During the program, Will benefited from the process of thinking about other customers and developing and testing hypotheses.

Will is now focused on developing the product to use on his own farm to achieve environmental and sustainability goals and has decided not to commercialise the product at this stage.

Will’s experience learning how startups and tech companies work will help him to be a better adopter of technologies and a more discerning customer of agtech solutions in the future.

Program Partners

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