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VivoScan - Grant and Marie Cawood

Hone Program 1

1 May 2022

VivoScan - Grant and Marie Cawood


One of the most critical elements effecting wine quality is the temperature of the grape juice during fermentation. Grant and Marie identified that many producers control this temperature by manually adjusting flow valves on tank cooling systems requiring many hours of monitoring and often leading to sub optimal results. Their solution called VinoScan provides a fully automated system that offers fine temperature control and dramatically reduces the monitoring hours required, leading to a more stable
fermentation and higher quality wine.

Grant and Marie are both from outside the wine industry with a background in managing and delivering complex multidimensional IT projects. They came into the program with a structured and logical approach to their learning and readily embraced and applied the theoretical tools such as the business model canvas. They have demonstrated significant growth in their ability to consider their business holistically as opposed to a collection of jobs that need to be done. This has helped them to understand their value chain as a system and identify where they need to focus to create and capture value.

Hone Journey

Throughout the Hone program Grant and Marie have focussed on building a functioning network to help them understand a new industry. They have been active in their local region of the Claire valley to establish strategic partnerships with vineyards as well as leveraging connections made during the Hone program to create further collaborations. This growing network has played a fundamental role in helping them refine their customer value proposition and gain initial traction.

Major developments include creating meaningful goals at a personal and business level; a significantly more detailed business model; and a supporting 22/23 go-to-market strategy. This includes the number of wineries and ultimately tanks needed, and the profile of the typical customer. Formal agreements are in the final stages of development with several wineries and will secure sales and service commitments for the coming vintage.

The Hone Program has given us clarity and direction which otherwise would have been difficult or impossible for us to find. The tools and resources made available to us will continue to help us establish our business and plan our growth goals.

What's next

The next steps are to lock down sales and service agreements and commence installation of full version in readiness for fermentation for this vintage. This pilot intends to generate several learnings and increased industry knowledge including: the true costs of the hardware; the servicing requirements; and the performance of VinoScan compared to their key competitors. This will provide a solid foundation for growth in 23/24.

Program Partners

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