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Tony & Leisa Sams

Ideas Program 3

31 Aug 2020

Tony & Leisa Sams


Leisa and Tony Sams are beekeepers from the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland. Leisa and Tony own Hum Honey, a Australian family owned and operated honey business.

Leisa applied to the program with an idea to develop and test processing pure liquid honey into a dry powdered or granulated form without any additives or heat ever applied.

The idea

Leisa joined the program to get access to expert advice on how to work up a full product development process. The team identified the opportunity for both a direct to consumer solution as well as options for commercial customers such as chefs, food manufacturers and the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

​"Great course, very valuable, excellent mentors, hope to advance my idea to qualify for the next bootcamp!"

In the program, Leisa learnt the benefit of building up the desirability phase before launching new products in order to increase product acceptance in the market.

The F2F Ideas Program is an excellent investment into learning best practice on how to bring your farming ideas to commercial life. Thanks to the talented F2F mentors, I now have the knowledge and tools to pursue future opportunities, and importantly the confidence to make better commercial decisions to develop our business.

Program Impact

Through her customer interviews, Leisa was able to distinguish between significantly different channel strategies and customer segments (B2B vs B2C) that would benefit from their idea and was able to adjust her channel priority.

Similarly, she identified new reasons why specific customers were using particular products over others which will help with marketing communications and service offerings in the future.

​Following introductions through the program by mentors, Leisa has been able to set up communications with CSIRO to develop a prototype. The team has a goal to launch the new solution in the next 12 months.

Program Partners

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