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The Gorse Project - Lisette Mill

Hone Program 1

1 May 2022

The Gorse Project - Lisette Mill


Lisette is a qualified farmer-led landcare management specialist from the Southwest region of Victoria, and currently works full time for the farmer-based Basalt to Bay Landcare Network. She is is solving a problem for landowners, farmers, Government and conservationists through a non-poisonous, organic bait that can be delivered to wild rabbits faster and in seasons when their uptake of current baits
(grain/carrots) is low and slow.

Hone Journey

Coming into the Hone Program Lisette was in the process of validating the idea by conducting field tests to ensure the high rate of rabbit consumption is thoroughly tested. Lisette was also working through her sales and revenue model and understanding the process of getting her product from innovation to sales. Her Go-to-Market strategy was a key learning from the Hatch program and she continued to work on her branding.

Over the course of the Hone Program, Lisette has worked through the Business Model Canvas to identify what she needs to achieve from her first four field tests. Lisette has sought information on the regulation around combining her organic product with poisons and what responsibility she has if her product is misused. Lisette has a strong social responsibility to doing no harm to the native fauna and is testing to see if her lure is attractive to more than just rabbits.

During the program Lisette was able Identify who the key partners and customers could be for the business and has narrowed in on two customers and has commenced conversations with Vline and her local council as test sites for the efficacy of her lure. With the help of F2F experts and mentors Lisette began developing an idea of the packaging required for her product.

Key achievements from the program was breaking down the costing of current solutions compared to her solution and being able to verbalise the cost benefit analysis to potential customers.

“Coming into this programme, is a must for anybody like me who has a lot of great ideas and wants to know whether you can take them from a great idea to something that makes money as a business. This is what this programme is for me. It's taking me to a direction that I never thought I would go in and giving me lots of support on how I'm going to get there.”

What's next

Lisette is hoping to further develop the recipe, so it is only attractive to rabbits and does not impact other non pest animals. Lisette’s hypothesis at the moment is that the lure could be 4x more effective than what is currently being utilised by land control groups and farmers. Lisette is in the process of setting up cameras and collecting data over a month to determine the effectiveness of the lure and refine different recipes. Lisette is passionate about solving this problem for the wider industry and is regularly seen out in the cold and wet Victorian night counting rabbits!

Program Partners

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