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Sophie Maurice

Ideas Program 3

31 Aug 2020

Sophie Maurice


Sophie Maurice based in Sydney comes from a family of beef producers located in regional NSW.

Sophie entered the program with an idea to develop a range of collagen powders and other supplements with a focus on improving health and wellness from the inside out.

The idea

Through exploring the use of bovine collagen, Sophie had a goal to create products that would benefit a specific age group of customers by offering an anti-ageing solution, supporting the growth and repair of hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments and gut health. Sophie also highlighted the need to create more ‘unisex’ options to make collagen more accessible to men.

Sophie joined the program to gain advice and knowledge on how to build a new business, get access to practical tools, guidance and support from industry experts.

“I found the whole program really valuable, insight from the coaches, feedback from peers, interviews and the lean canvas process. It has helped develop clear steps and a direction for the business idea”.

Farmers2Founders is a truly valuable program to help you build the confidence with your own business/product idea. It guides you through a step-to-step process that you will be able to use for this idea and the next.

Program Impact

Throughout the program, Sophie undertook upwards of 25 customer interviews which helped to define her ‘early adopter’ customer segment. Initially, Sophie believed that her target customers were women in a particular age bracket. However through her research she was able to pinpoint that it was actually specific problems, lifestyles and mindsets that collectively created a profile of this target segment. Her idea evolved to creating convenient, natural and ‘dose’ based solutions aligned to the individuals daily routine including morning and evening options.

​At the end of the 3 month program, Sophie has established her website, a brand ‘Daily Glow’ and learnt how to run paid advertising campaigns to test different value propositions with her target audience. Her plan from here is to conduct customer interviews with other potential customer segments (such as men), run a series of purchase tests and brand awareness ads and develop a product prototype by end of March 2021. She has set a goal to launch her first product by June this year.

Program Partners

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