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Sarah Hamilton

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Sarah Hamilton


Sarah is a farmer and Large Animal Vet assistant living in Cavendish is South West Victoria. She grew up with a mixed farming background of wool, beef, free range pork and has been breeding Border Leicester Sheep for 28 years supplying merino breeders with quality rams for first cross ewe production with her clients supply red meat to Australian and international consumers.

Sarah is wanting to give consumers the opportunity to experience gourmet paddock to plate meals in a dinner food box style, with sustainability and self-sufficiency incorporated.

Validating the idea

Sarah conducted 15 interviews with three potential customers segments: (1) customers looking for health, convenient food options, (2) owners of AirBNB/guest houses looking to provide guests with food options, and (3) guests looking for food options when holidaying in the region.

The main problems included proximity to supermarkets (often >50km away), low shelf life of produce and visitors to the area wanting experiential dine in options.

All of Sarah’s interviewees voiced the same frustrations and agreed that Sarah’s gourmet produce box idea solved this problem for them.

As a result of her interviews, Sarah has created Grampians Gourmet Produce Boxes available for delivery for those visiting or living in the Grampians region. The produce is locally, ethically and sustainably grown and raised, taking the hassle out of leaving your home (or accommodation) to enjoy a beautiful meal.

The Hatch program has been a game changer for me and my business idea! Hatch has given me all the support and steps in the right direction to starting my new business.

What's next

Sarah has been accepted into the Farmers2Founders red meat value+d program where she will continue to work on:

- Interviewing more customers in her identified segments
- Grow her network
- Create an MVP
- Get ready to launch her business within 6 months

Program Partners

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