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Sarah Donovan

Hatch Program 1

13 Nov 2021

Sarah Donovan


Sarah is a third-generation mixed cropping and cattle producer in Queensland. Sarah's
idea involves developing a factory-to-farm subscription-based multi-platform application connecting manufacturers of ag chemicals to distributors and primary producers. She believes the application will deliver value to producers and to others in the ag chemical supply chain.

Validating the Idea

The key benefits of the idea that Sarah wanted to validate included whether her concept would ease the everyday frustrations producers face in maintaining their inventory of ag chemicals. Her initial design envisaged a factory-to-farm application using Q.R. codes to trace and report farm chemical purchases and usage with the extraction of reports on a monthly or yearly basis.

Sarah believed that Implementation of her idea will reduce the amount of information primary producers have to source and manage daily, improve the quality of record- keeping, and enable the creation of high-impact reports and forecasts for not only primary producers but also agricultural chemical manufacturers, distributors, and government agencies in Australia, as well as globally. While the application will help producers and distributors to have an efficient inventory system, the ag manufacturers and government agencies can benefit from the data on chemical use and its environmental effects.

Prior to commencing the Hatch program, Sarah completed the online F2F Journey Starter course to map out key findings and design her vision. Through the program, Sarah learned that admin professionals in the office are more affected by the problem 'her app is solving' than the people using chemicals. By interviewing customers from various profiles, she cemented the fact that producers still use manual means to record the data. However, she also determined a new customer segment - agronomists, providing the most relevant and evident information for her to build the application.

Another critical insight for Sarah was around the functionality of the application. For example, a challenge for admin professionals is to take images of the products and transfer them into excel. Based on the insights, Sarah was able to fine-tune her multi- platform application requirements.

Fantastic program and so well thought out with incredible talented people running it. It's so great to be "Pushed". At times I felt overwhelmed, but I think you need to be pushed otherwise you just won't progress.

What' Next?

▪ Sarah will continue to interview primary producers, distributors, manufacturers, and government bodies to uncover individual problems
▪ Specify and lock key features of the APP
▪ Decide the name for her business
▪ Pitch to a minimum of ten potential investors
▪ Research global opportunities

Program Partners

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