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Sam Toose

Ideas Program 4

28 Feb 2021

Sam Toose


Sam Toose from Hepburn Springs, VIC is a passionate producer exploring unique grains and their suitability to the Australian market.

​Sam’s idea involves Tritordeum, which is hybrid obtained by crossing a durum wheat and wild barley.

The idea

It has a unique combination of nutritional properties that make it much easier on the gut due to its type of gluten and high presence of lutein which is also great for eye health. It performs well in baking with attractive yellow colour and good flavour profile. These properties make Tritordeum a great new option for the health-conscious consumer. Sam joined the program with a belief in Tritordeum as a cereal and the contribution it could make based on its commercial and agronomic performance in Spain. Sam acknowledged that for Tritordeum to realise its potential he had to build a much greater understanding of the market and clarify where value could be created and captured.

The Lean Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas tools resonated strongly with Sam. They cemented the difference in value-adding versus commodity thinking and the subsequent knowledge gaps Sam would need to address to ensure Tritordeum would not end up as a commodity grain. These included branding and marketing, customer and channel understanding, industry knowledge and consumer insight. The Ideas Program equipped Sam with the tools and network to immerse himself in the discovery process to address these gaps.

Subsequently, Sam has followed up with several industry emersion discussions through the Rosewood institute and has conducted discovery interviews with consumers of artisan breads, artisan bakers, millers, and potential producers.

My biggest a-ha moment was digging into our customer segments, not just our end users and early adopters but everyone along our supply chain to see what makes it tick!

Whats next

A significant mindset shift also occurred for Sam because of the value chain workshop. It helped Sam pinpoint where value can be created, where his strategic partnerships need to be, and how to capture value to ensure business sustainability. It also helped Sam better understand his role and fit in niche foods and the capabilities the team will need to successfully commercialise Tritordeum. On conclusion of the program, Sam has developed specific business goals which include:

▪ Delivering purchase tests which result in 50 prospective customers committed and ready to trial the product post this year’s harvest

▪ Conducting an additional 20 customer interviews and establish clear enabling insights

▪ Develop new branding that is applied to their website & all communication material

▪ Development and delivery of a strategic plan to establish partnerships with large scale millers

▪ Completion of functional elements such as nutritional analysis, baking guides, and recipes

Program Partners

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