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Sally Strelitz

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Sally Strelitz


Sally is a livestock producer from New South Wales, who also owns and operates Milly Hill Meat, a branded product that can be seen on the menus of some of the best restaurants on the East Coast.

Sally has come into the Hatch Program to see if there is demand in the market for small goods branded products (eg: bacon) in both retails (supermarkets) and a wholesale setting.

Validating the idea

After coming into the Hatch program and conducting interviews, Sally plans to pivot her idea to focus on expanding the Milly Hill @ Home product that became popular during the pandemic, while working on the Milly Hill Small Goods line to bring quality, branded small goods to consumers.

Sally’s interviews around the Milly Hill @ Home boxes showed that people have become more particular about where their produce is coming from and that they are more available to take home delivery as they are working from home more, post pandemic.

She also discovered that customers would like the option of full service meal kits with all produce and ingredients provided, as well as produce alone to cook family favourites.

I am so appreciative of everything I have learnt and the support I have been given during the Hatch program from the Farmer2Founders team.

What's next

Sally has been accepted into the Farmers2Founders Value+d program where she will:

- Build new website
- Conduct more interviews to hone in on customer problems / research into home delivery service
- Validate and commercialise the Milly Hill Small Goods business.
- Work on new product development, safety and regulatory requirements, idea validation and concept testing.

Program Partners

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