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Richard Gibson

Hatch Program 4

6 Feb 2023

Richard Gibson


Richard earned a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) while he worked five years at a startup company in Melbourne, where he initially began as a work placement student and finished as a Senior Developer. Richard is now full time on the family farm in Moulamein, NSW for over two years now and is looking into more ways of combining his skill sets. Having both the Software Development and Producer experience should give him a unique perspective into potential solutions.

The Idea

Richard is working on a single platform to upload and display all sales data. This data can then be viewed and analysed over time. This platform would be able to receive both Stock and Wool data. When a farmer sells stock to multiple destinations over the years they may receive PDF Tables in different formats. If this stock and wool information continues to be locked into variously formatted pdf tables within email accounts it's going to remain difficult to monitor. By pulling this data out into a unified format Richard will be able to execute on the core idea of this product. This is to make that information as ingestible as possible to the producers business so they can make actionable decisions and clearly see the effects that their business decisions have over time.

I joined the Hatch program because I wanted to reignite my passion for innovation and validate my entrepreneurial ideas

What's Next

Richard is still in the early stages of his customer discovery process and is continuing to speak with several representatives of his targeted segments. However, his key focus is on ensuring that he can support farmers to understand the value of historical and projected data analysis and perhaps address some of the ‘lower-hanging fruit’ in this space before developing the broader platform solution.

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