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Reece & Tegan Modra

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Reece & Tegan Modra


Husband and wife team Reece and Tegan are legume growers from South Australia with an idea to value add these crops to leverage consumer trends towards ‘plant proteins’. They are looking to investigate alternative product forms such as cooked lentil sold frozen or pre-prepared salad packs.

Reece has a diploma in Agribusiness and over 20 years managing cropping operations and Tegan brings 12 years of experience in farm administration, HR and book-keeping having completed her advanced diploma in Rural Business Management.

Validating the idea

Reece and Tegan entered the Hatch program to better understand the domestic market, supply chains and processes involved with value-added food production and supply. They wanted to build their network base and explore potential pathways they could take with their produce, while learning the specific skills and knowledge they will need to progress from idea to prototype.

With the idea of a pre-prepared lentil salad kit, Reece and Tegan narrowed their customer segments and conducted 15 interviews to try and validate their idea.

At the start of the Hatch program, their assumption was that people wanted more plant proteins in their diet, and that they cared about provenance over cost and convenience.

Through evaluating the feedback they received from the interviews, Reece and Tegan discovered that they needed to pivot and pitch their idea from a different perspective than previously thought.

If interviewees knew what a plant protein was, they were hesitant to try it based on a lack of knowledge and exposure. They generally had bad experiences with legumes, finding them dry, tasteless and unappetising. Provenance was a consideration, however it needed to tick other boxes first.

What people did want was something quick and easy to prepare, healthy and something that the kids would eat.

Through the Hatch program, Reece and Tegan’s were able to validate parts of their solution, pivot their product and change their sell to better appeal to and satisfy their market’s needs.

Hatch is a time saver - within its supportive framework, you gain skills and techniques to quickly validate what parts of your idea should stay and what parts should change. It helps you decide whether and why your idea is worthwhile pursuing in the first place, and if it is, how you can refine it to make it better. Hatch short-circuits your entrepreneurial journey, setting you up for success and leaving you with practical knowledge you can apply outside the program.

What's next

Reece and Tegan have been accepted into the next Framers2Founders program, Hone, where they will:

- Continue to conduct more interviews on different customer segments
- Run a purchase test and develop a prototype to gain feedback
- Build a website and social media pages

Program Partners

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