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Phillipa Lawson

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Phillipa Lawson


Phillipa Lawson and her husband Skeet, are red lentil farmers in the Pinnaroo region of South Australia.

Phillipa came into the F2F program with an idea for a high protein, gluten-free flour made from the lentils aimed at those with dietary requirements and looking for healthier options compared to conventional flours.

Program Learning

Through research conducted during the program, Phillipa was able to pinpoint who her customers were, collect evidence around their problems, and consequently give her the confidence to pursue the product and business.

‘Thanks to F2F, I feel confident that I have an understanding of various business tools, models and digital technology platforms. My biggest takeaway from this course is that it's okay to pivot, to fail, reflect, evaluate and adjust. I feel much more confident to reach out when I don't know or understand a concept’.

I walked into this program with an idea, no product, no customers, no business confidence or experience.

At the end of the 3 months, Phillipa is about to launch her online shop to sell 1kg bags of high protein, gluten free lentil flour, and is having her products stocked in a local shop. Phillipa has plans to get her product stocked in more retail stores around South Australia and continue to build her marketing activities.

'I still feel as though I have so much to learn in the world of business which I do find exciting! I'm thankful for this opportunity that F2F has given me and I feel very focused on what I need to achieve over the next 6 months!’.

Program Partners

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