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OzIntelliFarm - Wenjing(Vivian) Wang, Jeff Peng & Wenyu Li

Hone TEK Program 1

1 Nov 2022

OzIntelliFarm - Wenjing(Vivian) Wang, Jeff Peng & Wenyu Li


OzIntelliFarm saw an opportunity to build an integrated hardware and software solution that enables increased efficiency and data driven decision making for horticultural producers. A particular focus was the elimination of repetitive labour intensive time-consuming tasks. The solution sought was to improve efficiency and productivity outcomes as well as commercial performance utilising a combination of sensors, automation, API integration and data analytics to remove errors and increase efficiency.

Hone Journey

Over the course of the Hone Program, Ozintellifarm continued to validate the problem they had identified related to farm inefficiencies within ‘Soil Management’ and more specifically the repetitive and time consuming labour. They narrowed their focus to controlled environments, high value, mushroom farming and proposed an MVP comprising a technology stack of IOT devices, automation, API integration and data analytics feeding artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance decision making. The team identified three target areas: 1) modernisation of moisture, irrigation & scheduling to be demand and data driven 2) Data, Senor & AI system automation to reduce 14 day lab testing turnaround 3) AI modelling and prediction to remove high frequency of treatment errors by 90%. Team expertise in AI capability and use of 5G experiential learning gained through collaboration University of Tasmania further supported program outcomes. In addition, the team developed a deeper, more cohesive go-to-market strategy, identified, and desired distribution channels and agreed on MVP functionality.

There’s a lot of opportunity and we want to come up with great solutions for customer problems.

What's Next?

First quarter of 2023 activities include the development of an MVP and set up of a technical partner channel. Second quarter of 2023 actions include the improvement of the MVP, completion of the business structure, IP protection and commencement of business development activities. The third quarter of 2023 is allocated to product launch, workforce training and execution of an the companies operational model.

Program Partners

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