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Odette Suitor

Hatch Program 4

6 Feb 2023

Odette Suitor


Odette is a sixth generation farmer and has worked in corporate agri-operations for 20 years. She has built a background of logistics, and agriculture experience and has earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Agriculture & Masters Of Business (MBA). Odette is currently working on her own farm and operating an agri-business consultancy.

The Idea

Odette is developing an on-farm storage solution for farmers and producers . This will eliminate a process for farmers and increase the efficiency of storing produce and offer protection from diseases and pests to the produce. She has found that this solution is scalable to cropping regions in Australia and potentially globally.

F2F has been a valuable program and assisted me to refine my plan in preparation for launch. This has included feedback from the target market.

What's Next?

Odette’s focus now is around product launch and the next steps for the business include:
- Branding and increased product exposure (website, socials, field days).
- Patent protection (Australia, US, and Canada).
- Manufacturing contracts are in place and build quality is ensured.
- Local manufacturing and rollout that will benefit rural communities through employment.

Program Partners

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