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Michelle Li

Hatch Program 1

13 Nov 2021

Michelle Li


Michelle graduated from The University of Adelaide with a degree in viticulture and oenology. She is currently working in a winery as an Assistant Winemaker in South Australia. Michelle joined the Hatch program to test the validity of her idea.

Validating the Idea

Michelle's idea is to address the issue of surplus grapes at the end of the harvest season by developing a platform where people with winemaking interests can make their own wine.

The Value Proposition and Lean Canvas tools resonated well with Michelle. Initially, she thought that her idea was for the mass; however, after conducting 19 customer interviews, Michelle identified three interdependent customer personas as her target audience - i) vineyard owners that are left with unutilised grapes at the end of each harvest season; ii) wineries located in proximity to vineyards/cellar doors with the potential to produce small batches of grapes; and iii) wine lovers, who thoroughly enjoy wine and welcome the idea of creating their own flavour of the wine.

Michelle's unique idea of catering to people's winemaking hobby by utilising unused grapes through a new and premium channel presents an excellent opportunity for grape growers and wineries to create additional value for their business, thus allowing them to add a source of revenue. It also opens doors for them to build a brand and establish a relationship with customers.

Furthermore, by applying the program's learnings, she was able to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and values her concept offers to each customer segment.

This is a very good program for business new starters. You will get everything you need to be closer to success.

What's Next?

Over the next three months:
* Michelle will continue to conduct interviews and refine the value proposition for the customer segments
* Undertake purchase tests through three different channels
* Build connections with regional wine communities for trials
* Build a website to introduce the concept to customers

Program Partners

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