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Max Inverarity

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Max Inverarity


Max, is a grains producer from Kellerberrin WA, 3 hours east of Perth. A fourth-generation pioneering family and although his son now runs the farming operation, Max is still hands-on in the grains industry.

Validating the idea

Max is developing and establishing a Value-Added template of primary products so that growers can retain ownership of resources during product development to maximise profits and minimise the import and repurchase of their original product. This ultimately creates more income locally through job creation and downstream processing.

Max came into the Hatch program to learn how to research partners overseas and increase his knowledge of raising capital. Max has also identified that more needs to be done to educate other farmers in WA to embrace a value-adding mindset.

He learned through his interviews and conversations that he needed more insights into what the international grain processor really wants.

Thanks to the Hatch program, I realised there was more finite research required to validate the business case and move forward with my idea. My method of communication with potential venture partners overseas was not working and I will continue to try new ways to attract partners.

What's next

Max is determined to continue working on his idea and continue to build trust with the venture partners and grower groups so that growers can guarantee supply and attract investment into his idea. Post the

Hatch program Max will:
- See an international lawyer who has spent time in overseas markets and has investment experience
- Help change WA’s attitude to value-adding
- Work on a business case to attract joint venture partners
- Get in a better position to apply for financial grants to help him with marketing

Program Partners

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