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Martin Conroy-Jaeger

Hatch Program 3

1 Nov 2022

Martin Conroy-Jaeger


Marty is a 3rd generation farmer and Agronomist and Livestock Production Manager from South Australia. Marty has a Bachelor of Rural Science, Agricultural Science at the University of New England. Marty has recently taken on his own farm and wanted to increase the opportunity for beef farmers to connect with the consumer and increase the price farmers get for their quality cattle.

The Idea

It was from Marty’s own experience on the farm and through his work that he identified that farmers were not getting the maximum value for their livestock. Marty is interested in creating a marketing opportunity where restaurants can promote where their meat comes from, creating a closer connection between consumer and cattle, leading to an increase in purchase price for livestock.

“A great program that allowed me to understand and develop ideas and create solutions from the ground up to solve real problems. An amazing network of people, and endless connections and resources to help ideas take shape. A must for the entrepreneurial farmer.”

What's Next?

Marty is keen to explore his idea further - he is looking to create wireframes of his idea that he can test on users. Marty is still conducting customer discovery particularly with business professionals and the restaurants they currently dine at. Marty is looking to build his data on priorities when people are choosing steaks and is looking at how his platform can allow users to choose a restaurant based only on the quality of steak served with an overall goal of encouraging people to be more understanding of the different cuts of steak and get a good result for what they pay for.

Program Partners

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