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Malkah Lara Muckenschnabl

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Malkah Lara Muckenschnabl


Malkah is a young aspiring entrepreneur raised in South Australia. She recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and is now an Agribusiness graduate at ANZ.

Malkah entered the Hatch program to explore her job matching idea further by validating with real customers, building a prototype and progressing through to the Farmers2Founders Hone Program.

Validating the Idea

Malkah’s plan is to create an app that matches agribusinesses with young talent using functionalities similar to a dating app. Her idea is to create an algorithm based on the profile of an applicant and requirements of an employer to shortlist and rank candidates from most to least suitable.

Malkah’s idea seeks to close the generational gap in the way young talent are recruited in regional Australia by simplifying the process and showcasing individuals and companies holistically to open the gateway into agriculture.

During the program, Malkah undertook 20 interviews with potential agribusiness employers such as large scale beef processors. She also undertook customer discovery to build up different personas of young employees from individuals on gap year; school leavers; and university students.

This process helped Malkah to prioritise the biggest pain points for her different customer segments and how she might build in specific services and features in the app to meet these needs. A key learning for Malkah was to refine her employer segment to small to medium agribusinesses who are likely to experience the biggest frustrations when recruiting the right talent for skilled work in their organisations due to limited resources and time. Similarly, Malkah identified that different employers have varying requirements and a customised approach to onboarding these clients will be required. The Hatch Program provided the practical approach to stress testing her idea and give her the confidence to progress forward to establish a real startup venture.

Prior to Hatch I had no idea how to start a business and whether my idea was worth pursuing. I have learnt to test the market, find out exactly what the gap in the market is and focus my solution on this. I’m very thankful for the support, networks and resources provided as they have given me confidence to move forward!

What's Next

Malkah has been accepted into the next program along the Farmers2Founders pathways, Hone where she will focus on:

-Conducting purchase tests to further validate her prototype
-Identify strategic partnerships to be involved in the early development of her app
-Develop her first MVP and raise funds through investors to launch into the market
-Understand how to build marketing and sales capabilities

Program Partners

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