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Lisette Mill

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Lisette Mill


Lisette is a qualified farmer-led landcare management specialist from the South West region of Victoria, and currently works full time for the farmer-based Basalt to Bay Landcare Network.

Joining the Hatch program with an idea, Lisette hopes to increase the speed and uptake of biological control in wild rabbits using non-poisonous, organic bait.

Lisette is solving a problem for land owners, farmers, Government and conservationists through a biological control that can be delivered to wild rabbits faster and in seasons when their uptake of current baits (grain/carrots) is low and slow. This enables land managers to:
- target rabbits during seasons when alternative foods are at their peak - such as in spring
- place biocontrol into rabbit warrens knowing they will consume it immediately
- allow a quick, mobilised rabbit response and
- eradicated rabbits before they breed

Validating the idea

During the Hatch program, Lisette interviewed 61 industry stakeholders and received valuable insight into her potential customers.

Her interviews confirmed her hypothesis that rabbits are ‘bait shy’, requiring on average a week of daily ‘free feeding’ before taking the bait. The cost of this time and feed is very high, even before any results are seen and the longer it takes the rabbits to eat the bate, the longer it takes to eradicate them.

Lisette was able to confirm that with the current market options, rabbits essentially have to be trained to eat the bait, meaning the cost per rabbit is high. The feedback she received on selling her product in a range between $15 and $25 was well received, and would mean that the overall cost per rabbit would be lower than current market options.

Her solution of a product she calls “Rabbit Magnet” that requires no ‘free feeding’ and will be consumed within 12 hours was validated through her customer surveys.

You don't know what you don't seek to learn. No business idea becomes reality without effort. Hatch helped me put effort where it gives results that will endure, not just navel gazing on how smart I think my business idea is.

What's Next

Lisette has been accepted into the Farmers2Founders Hone program where she will:

- Continue with field tests to ensure the high rate of rabbit consumption is thoroughly tested
- Work through her sales and revenue model understanding the process of getting her product from innovation to sales is important
- Look at her go to market strategy and branding

Program Partners

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