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John Biggs

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

John Biggs


John Biggs is a branded organic grain producer (Wild Rivers Organic) in the Cunnamulla region of Queensland where he is working on a paddock-to-plate platform for organic soy, chickpeas and lentils designed to be cooked at home.

Program Learning

Coming into the F2F program, John originally planned to focus on targeting healthy mums with families and health conscious individuals. However, after spending many hours doing research and observing online groups, John decided to pivot and instead focus on ‘foodies’ and vegans. These two segments had definitions of ‘healthy’ that were much more in line with Wild Rivers Organic core value proposition which includes being environmentally conscious and carbon neutral.

What's Next

During the program, John began running basic Facebook advertisements, directing customers to his website, where they can pre-order the chickpea products. John had seven customers register for products once they were in stock, before the program even concluded. John’s next steps are to contact some of these interested customers and set up interviews.

The goal is to get a better understanding of their behaviour and what is important to them when it comes to purchasing food products. Using the insights gathered from these interviews, John will be able to design a product that meets their needs to a higher degree.

Program Partners

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