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Jodie Lawless

Ideas Program 1

28 Feb 2019

Jodie Lawless


Jodie Lawless is a beef producer based in the South Burnett region of Queensland. On coming into the F2F program, her idea was BOXD, a new online sales platform for farmers that would promote direct sales between producers and consumers.

The idea

The idea was developed to address a number of key problems identified by Jodie including:

-Society has lost links with where food is produced and sourced, and there is a desire to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers via increased transparency and authenticity

-Australian farmers are experiencing considerable hardship due to environmental and climate conditions and they must therefore look for sideline business value adding opportunities

Whats next

During the program, Jodie undertook more than 17 customer interviews and was able to narrow down the targeted customer segments (both on the supply and demand side) and develop a clear value proposition based on: transparent systems strategies, and policies and processes to support a collective group of producers to make sure there is a consistent supply of high quality produce. Jodie also developed a more complete understanding of how to differentiate from competitors. On conclusion of the program, Jodie felt more confident to make an informed decision regarding the desirability, feasibility and viability of a business venture based on the BOXD concept.

Program Partners

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