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Jenny Moore

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Jenny Moore


Jenny Moore is from a Victorian grain producing family and runs the Wimmera Grain Store in the Rupanyup region in Victoria. Jenny is developing a range of value-adding products with the pulses grown on the family farm. The products include a range of healthy snacks made of lentil and chickpea flour.

Program Learning

During the F2F program Jenny conducted customer interviews which have helped her to refine her ‘nut-free nut’ snack option designed for school children. Jenny is working on prototypes, but unfortunately her manufacturing partner in Melbourne has had to temporarily shut down due to COVID restrictions.

Jenny also worked on a second chickpea flour health snack and samples have been sent to a contact in Hong Kong who is looking to import healthier snack options to supply a chain of supermarkets. Jenny is extremely passionate about her region and its role in food production, and her long-term goal is to raise the profile of Rupanyup as a tourism destination and provide a connection between where food is produced and the consumers.

Program Partners

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