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Heather Cameron

Hatch Program 1

13 Nov 2021

Heather Cameron


Heather is a beef producer from Bell, Queensland where she runs a cattle trading business. Heather is strongly motivated to enhance animal welfare practices and is also looking to capture more value back into her farming enterprise.

She joined the Hatch program to make industry contacts, find ways to add value to her business and research different paddock-to-plate models.

Validating the Idea

Heather originally applied to the program to explore her idea for a mobile/semi-mobile abattoir. However, initial conversations with the F2F team highlighted the significant regulatory barriers associated with introducing mobile abattoirs into Queensland. As a result, Helen decided to use her participation in the Hatch Program to investigate new ways of value-adding to their existing cattle business.

After conducting interviews, Helen clearly articulated the pain points of the various customer segments. One of the key revelations from the interviews for Helen was the trust factors of the customers - if customers didn't know their butchers, they questioned the source of the meat and if the product is what it claims to be.

Harnessing the feedback and using the Lean Canvas methodology, Helen decided to explore multiple paddock-to plate scenarios ranging from selling directly to the consumers via traditional or online sales; selling through different outlets and aggregating supply from other producers; developing a 'pick your own cow’ offer to lead the consumer from production to consumption process; and developing a 'meal prep' value-adding business to sell fresh and frozen meals to consumers and food service operators.

The program was structured in a way that provided a clear path to develop a new idea.

What's Next?

* Conduct additional 20 interviews with direct customers and test the paddock-to-plate
scenarios she built during the program
* Design several prototypes leading to initial purchase tests
* Create a brand awareness strategy that includes developing her website and landing pages
and building a strong social media presence

Despite the significant pivot from her original idea, Heather found the Hatch program to be
extremely beneficial in helping her assess different concepts to achieve her overall goal of adding
value to her farming business.

Program Partners

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