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Grant and Marie Cawood

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Grant and Marie Cawood


Grant and Marie are from Clare Valley in South Australia.

They came into the Hatch Program with an idea on how to help winemakers control temperatures during the fermentation process. Their solution called VinoScan can help monitor and control fermentation temperatures 24/7, on-site or remotely, saving winemakers time, money and giving them peace of mind.

Validating the idea

Grant and Marie conducted 10 interviews with local wine makers during the Hatch Program.

The key challenges they uncovered for wine producers during the winemaking processes included:
- Fermentation requires stable, low temperatures
- Different wines require different temperatures
- Freezing temperatures are required to stabilse the wine

The current solutions use refrigeration plants with coolant pipes/valves and tanks with cooling jackets.

Through their interviews, Grant and Marie identified that the key issues with current solutions were unstable temperatures, reduced quality and loss of product, inaccurate temperature readings and limited control resulting in many hours lost to tank temperature monitoring.

The team confirmed that winemakers all have the same core problem. There were also some different, less important issues, however, these all related to the primary issue of temperature management.

The interviews conducted gave pivotal insight into what base functionality the winemakers desired. Grant and Marie discovered that this was different from their initial expectations and gave them more of a focus on some of the technical decisions in developing their MVP, primarily having a system that can be controlled on-site without the need for internet or mobile devices.

The F2F Hatch Program was just what we needed to say, "Yes, let's make this idea happen". Hatch was a fantastic way to validate our idea, and be guided through that process by experts.

The passion, positivity and support from the F2F team was a great motivator and was crucial in giving us confidence to talk about our idea. Being connected with other like minded people turning ideas into reality is a real asset.

What's next

Grant and Marie have been accepted into the Hone Program where they will work on:

- Launch a landing page and design a prototype
- Continue to interview winemakers from different regions and climates and go back to previous interviewees to ask more about the financial impact of the problem and management costs
- Work out each of their strengths in specific aspects of the business so that they can work more efficiently

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