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Dave Van Damme

Hatch TEK Program 4

30 Oct 2023

Dave Van Damme


Dave calls himself a digital blacksmith as he is passionate about building, whether it’s 3D spatial systems, game design, business software, Dave believes his products will help people’s livelihoods. Dave is the founder of Buster Transport: but felt that the agrifood industry would be a better target market.

The Idea

Dave is building a device that will provide farmers off-road and paddock navigation after having experienced in SaaS for courier and bus operators, Dave can turn this technology to benefit crop farmers and paddock networks.

Keep learning, have fun.

What's Next?

Being an introvert, Dave struggled with the customer discovery side during Hatch, although he managed to do several in-depth and in-person interviews with farmers in his region. Through the program he also met with Stephen Parker, an Olive producer from the Geelong region who provided such in depth insight into the olive space, that Dave decided to focus on fruit trees for his first prototype. Dave and Stephen are in discussion around a formal collaboration, although it’s still to be decided whether that will be a co-founder arrangement or as a customer.

Dave Van Damme key customer segments include:
Olive Orchards
Pear Orchards
Dave will be continuing with research and validation of a digital twin for olive growers.

Program Partners

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