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Clint Ledgard

Ideas Program 1

28 Feb 2019

Clint Ledgard


Clint Ledgard comes from a grape growing family in McLaren Vale in South Australia and has been involved in many of his family’s new venture creation journeys in the wine tech space.

Clint runs his own vineyard management contracting company.

​Clint’s initial idea was to incorporate machine vision technology into pruning equipment by assisting operators to recognise posts and cordons. The goal was to use machine vision to reduce the operator’s need to continually manually adjust height and the opening and closing of the machine around posts, reducing fatigue and OHS issues.

The idea

Over the course of the F2F program, Clint was encouraged to dig further into customer validation of this problem and proposed solution. Clint undertook 15 customer interviews and as a result was able to identify and acquire a pilot customer, as well as to explore different product/MVP options.

Through the program Clint developed a better understanding of who his competitors are, and now has the knowledge to protect his IP. He is committed to developing the idea further.

Program Partners

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