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CertMate - Carina Steinbakk

Hone Program 2

8 May 2023

CertMate - Carina Steinbakk


Carina is a worldly entrepreneur, as a qualified energy and environmental engineer from Norway with an International Business degree from Scotland. Now living in Queensland, Carina has worked in the upstream CSG industry for 5 years and currently works in renewable energy projects at Origin Energy.
CertMate is focussed on digitising the machinery hygiene certification and declaration process, particularly for oil and gas entities. CertMate is a farmer-led biosecurity platform, and would allow landowners to have better management practices around the vehicles and individuals who are accessing their property.

Hone Journey

During the Hone Program, Carina has fine-tuned CertMate and thus she is ready to commence beta-testing with key user groups. Testing will begin with oil & gas companies who access primary production land.
Carina is learning about primary production biosecurity best practice, legal obligations, and regulatory requirements, with a view to extending beta-testing to several primary production regions / sectors identified as key potential users of CertMate.

In parallel, Carina is reviewing arrangements with her software developer in an effort to exit her existing contract and continue development with River City Labs.

“Through Hone, AeviTech has tidied up its go to market planning, and updated the business model canvas to target its first market. With input from my Hone Coach, AeviTech is now planning to look into grant funding, and ways to integrate with the Agriculture regulatory requirements, now and in the future.”

What's Next?

Carina’s F2F coach (Dr Ben Baghurst) has reported that she is working hard to fine-tune CertMate and this will allow her to commence beta-testing with key user groups including oil & gas companies who regularly access primary production land.

Program Partners

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