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Carly Noble

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Carly Noble


Carly and Darren Noble are wool producers in central Victoria, breeding Polwarth-Merino sheep at their Parkside Run farm (PSR). Carly came into the F2F program with an idea to develop a 100% Australian wool fire blanket for rescue services, made from their Polwarth wool which has favourable characteristics in relation to heat resistance.

However, due to manufacturing restrictions and a discovery that fire blankets are not a requirement in all vehicles, Carly decided to pivot her idea and is now developing PSR Clothing using the Polwarth-Merino wool.

Program Learning

Carly’s goals coming into the program were to gain a better understanding of product development, improve her pitching abilities, and explore the manufacturing process for wool garments in Australia. After pivoting her idea, Carly began advertising the clothing line on social media to build interest and she has already qualified over 10 sales leads. Two clothing stores have also reached out expressing interest in selling the products.

​Through extensive research into the wool textile industry in Australia and the impact of COVID-19 on the wool industry, Carly identified the need for a 100% Australian textile wool supply chain and has thus begun looking into a manufacturing plant to complete this supply chain. It's Carly’s long-term goal to have a 100% Australian owned, produced and manufactured product. Carly believed her participation in the F2F program helped her to build the capabilities required for successful new venture development.

Program Partners

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