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Carina Steinbakk

Hatch Program 3

1 Nov 2022

Carina Steinbakk


Carina is a worldly entrepreneur, as a qualified energy and environmental engineer from Norway with an International Business degree from Scotland. Now living in Queensland, Carina has worked in the upstream CSG industry for 5 years and currently works in renewable energy projects at Origin Energy. Through this career experience, Carina recognised a problem faced in the maintenance of hygiene certifications of the company's fleet of machinery and vehicles. This led her to starting Aevi Tech, and she recently graduated from the Empower Queensland x Advance Queensland female entrepreneur program as one of the finalists. Carina is ambitious, creative and driven to make change and improve processes where possible.

The Idea

Carina came into the Hatch program in a slightly different capacity to others in the cohort, given that she had already developed the first iteration of her solution for the oil and gas industry. That solution is called CertMate and was focussed on digitising the machinery hygiene certification and declaration process, particularly for oil and gas entities. Carina’s ambition in joining the Hatch program was to explore the applicability of CertMate as a farmer-led biosecurity platform, and to allow landowners to have better management practices around the vehicles and individuals who are accessing their property.

“This program has opened my eyes to what my idea can be, and given me the support and confidence to pursue this.”

What's Next?

Carina is currently designing a series of product solutions which can be incrementally brought into the CertMate platform which address many of the problems she has heard from farmers around her area of focus. She will be looking to road test these features with farmers in the coming months and continue to build on her customer discovery process.

Program Partners

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