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Bud Fruitfulness Research Team

Hatch Program 2

31 Jan 2022

Bud Fruitfulness Research Team


The Bud Fruitfulness team is composed of Joanna Jones and Thomas Rodemann, both who reside in Tasmania. At the commencement of the program, the team were also supported by Bob Dambergs who is a viticulture and oenology expert who provided valuable industry insights and contacts to the team throughout their time in Hatch.

Jo and Thomas entered the Hatch program to better understand how to commercialize a novel product they had developed over years of private research. They sought to determine a path to market for their device through either the commercialisation of the method into a retail product, or by offering the device as a service for licensed providers.

Validating the idea

The Bud Fruitfulness team came to the Hatch program having already conducted significant research into a method of measuring and recording the ‘fruitfulness’ of grape fruit buds in vineyards. Their research hypothesised that an accurate measurement of bud fruitfulness would allow grape products to more accurately predict their yields at an earlier stage, and adapt their pruning to achieve that targeted yield. They wanted to validate problem sets that the device could help solve, the customer segments who would benefit most from the product, and a path to market for the commercialisation of the product.

The Hatch program assisted the Bud Fruitfulness team in better understanding their targeted customers and the problem sets the device could help resolve. The customer interview process highlighted that there was a portion of their customer segment for whom the problem existed but were not compelled to address it because of a reticence to change existing practices.

For others, such as vineyard owners or managers, the bud fruitfulness device offered an additional tool to support more accurate and informed decision-making which significantly impacted their yield potential. The Hatch program allowed the Bud Fruitfulness team to rigorously test their deeply-researched concept with real-world application, helping them clarify both the targeted customer segment for the product and its value proposition.

The Hatch Program is a great way to learn about how to convert a business idea into a more defined roadmap for commercialisation. It's great that you get to test your idea with your real customer base and are able to re-evaluate your strategy. The coaching team is great, very knowledgeable and supportive!

What's next

The Bud Fruitfulness team has been accepted into ‘Hone’, the next stage in the Farmers2Founders venture pathway, where they intend to:

- Continue to validate their idea by conducting purchase tests with the more clarified customer segments identified in Hatch
- Formulate a business plan for the commercialisation of the product
- Establish a clear vision and strategy for how the device may go to market
- Understand how to build marketing and sales capabilities

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