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Amber Scott

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Amber Scott


Amber is an organic beef producer and owner of Kandanga Farm Store in Queensland. Together with Sam McDowall they came into the F2F program to work on an early stage idea called ‘WikiFoods’ - a crowd populated app that would allow users to source food directly from producers.

Prior to the program, Amber was on a cross-country family road trip, and was dissatisfied with having to rely on large scale supermarkets for food and not having access to fresh produce. The goal was for all stakeholders to benefit - consumers get fresh, healthy produce direct from the source, while farmers can avoid the high volume/low price supermarket model.

Program Learning

During the program Amber and Sam interviewed multiple different customer segments to understand their needs. They also began to explore some partnership opportunities to determine if they could work with other apps or communities who have the same target market.

By the end of the program (and due to COVID-19) Amber and Sam have had to put the app on hold but Amber is using many of the concepts she learnt in her primary farming business.

Program Partners

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