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Adaptigrow - Gabriel Thelan

Hone TEK Program 1

1 Nov 2022

Adaptigrow - Gabriel Thelan


Gabriel has developed a compact hydroponic planter for optimising growing conditions at home, in the office or in an educational setting. Although initially focused on the hydroponic grower, Gabriel could see opportunity for the product to be used to support science teachers in horticultural studies. Gabriel’s innovative plant pot is able to grow large plants hydroponically, addressing concerns related to traditional pots that have restrictive root space or have an inability to host increased size/mass of plant in comparison to the Adaptigrow pot.

Hone Journey

Over the course of the Hone Program, Gabriel was able to tackle a number of complexities around the manufacturing process and sourcing of materials to build out a commercial ready product. He developed plans to manufacture multiple size pots in sufficient size to accommodate household and school-based customers and a roadmap for next steps/actions. Next steps developed through Hone include refining the design, increasing the number of beta testers, furthering his website and building a social media presence. Through trial phases, Gabriel established that his hydroponic substrate developed a much better taste, was more efficient and easier to use than soil-based solutions and this was translated into for his marketing campaign.

This is the change we are seeking in personal gardening.

What's Next?

Unfortunately Gabriel had to postpone his final presentation and it’s anticipated he’ll finish the programme in 2023 (Final pitch).

Program Partners

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