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In partnership with Farmers2Founders, AgriFutures Australia are looking for innovative business ideas and concepts that support the growth of high potential emerging rural industries. Emerging animal and plant industries play an important part in the Australian agricultural landscape, they contribute to the national economy and they will be key to meeting changing global food trends.

Some examples of emerging industries include native plants, seaweeds, hemp seed, hazelnuts, quinoa, coffee, insects and camel milk. Opportunities exist for emerging industries to value-add (with health benefits, emerging cuisines, on trend and premium) and expand into multiple categories. 


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If you have an idea, concept or you are an early-stage startup business that supports the growth of an emerging industry we want to hear from you!

Once you have submitted your idea, you will have access to our online Journey Starter program that will help you to develop your concept/solution further.

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Are you a producer, tech developer, student, entrepreneur or research team with an idea or concept for an emerging industry?

We are looking for ideas in any of the emerging industries however see below for inspiration:


​Native Foods

Australia's Native Foods & Agriculture sector presents considerable potential to deliver commercial, social, cultural, environmental and health benefits for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. However, the sector is lagging behind in adoption of modern agrifood technologies. We are looking for tech ideas and innovation solutions in the following areas:

  • Harvesting, cleaning and handling of native crops (any species and both wild harvest and commercial production)

  • Traceability and provenance

  • Extraction of bioactive or aromatic compounds (technologies that improve extraction efficiencies and/or produce novel compounds)

  • New ingredients, foods or cosmetics/skin care based on native plants or botanicals

Alternative Protein & Plant-Based Products

​Consumer (and investor) interest in non-meat based protein and plant-based diets is increasing globally. This is due in part to health and environmental concerns as well as animal welfare.

As the market continues to grow there are many opportunities for new technologies, products and ingredients as well as the re-emergence of processes such as fermentation driven by issues of gut health in addition to it's potential to create new alternative protein platforms.

We welcome innovative concepts, ideas and early-stage solutions that capture these opportunities.

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Pat Torres, Mayi Harvest

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Lauren Bell, Black Soldier Fly Farmer

Food Waste, Sustainability and Alternative Production Systems


​There is an imperative for all sectors across Australia's agrifood industry to address problems of food waste; improved sustainability (Eg. in packaging); and new controlled atmosphere production systems (vertical/urban farming systems).

We welcome innovative concepts, ideas and early-stage solutions that address these issues at any point along the agrifood value chain.

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