Early Adopter Program

Find, filter, and work with technology companies who can help you solve problems on farm

On the leading edge of tech... 

not the bleeding edge

Are you a progressive and forward-thinking producer looking for technology solutions to on-farm problems? Do you struggle to search for, filter, and find solutions? Are you keen for a better way to work with tech companies to make sure solutions create value for your farm?


The Farmers2Founders Early Adopter Program (EAP) helps you find, filter, and work with technologies so that you get early access to, and have input into, the best available solutions for your challenges.


Unlike other programs, the EAP is supported by a team of impartial technology consultants. During the first two phases of our program, our team will spend the time to understand your challenges, and then search for solutions and filter out the ones that are just hype. We’ll then help you engage with vendors to scope out pilots and trials, with the end goal of helping you find solutions that improve the bottom line.


EAP is also a community of like-minded producers who want to share lessons learned and help each other get the best from technology solutions.


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Office Hours is an opportunity to book in a 20 minute session with one of the F2F coaches to talk about your business, idea or tech adoption challenge, get expert advice and find out more about how Farmers2Founders can help. 

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How does the Early Adopter Program work? 

The EAP has three phases, which will take place from November 2019 to April 2020.

Expressions of Interest (currently open!)

If you are a producer or group of producers interested to join the EAP community, please fill out an expression of interest so we can learn about your business, your goals, and what technology areas you’re interested in. We’ll then contact you to discuss moving forward to the Exploration Phase and joining the EAP community. 

Exploration Phase

We will work with you to refine and prioritize opportunity areas where technologies have the potential to add value. We’ll then do the work for you by searching for, filtering, and identifying high-potential solutions in these areas, and inviting curated groups of vendors to present to your community and discuss your feedback and questions. 


The Exploration Phase will happen virtually (i.e., via phone, whatsapp, and video conference), and require a commitment of 2-4 hours per month.


Design Phase 

We will form smaller groups within the program, bringing together producers who are interested to engage more deeply around specific problems. Working in these groups, we will explore the on-farm challenge, seeking to understand the relevant workflows, constraints, requirements, and opportunities. You will have the opportunity to share and discuss what is and isn’t working, as well as engage with a hand-picked group of technology vendors seeking to solve this problem. 

The Design Phase will happen virtually (i.e., via phone, whatsapp, and video conference) and require a commitment of 4 hours per month.


Engagement Phase

We will run one or more workshops during this phase, bringing your group together with the identified vendors. These workshops will be used to design the trial/pilot implementation, including the appropriate commercial model that will recognise the contribution that early-adopter producers make by engaging with technologies. Examples include product discounts, fixed contribution for time spent, equity, and revenue sharing. 

The Engagement Phase will include virtual activities as well as an in-person workshop. Workshop dates will be March - May 2020. Location TBD, but travel subsidies are available. 

Supporting producer-led innovation

What are the outcomes of the EAP?

For producers, this program is an opportunity to de-risk the process of searching for, filtering, and accessing new technologies that solve key challenges on farm. We take on the ‘heavy lifting’ of searching for technology providers, and provide support to design successful pilots and trials where you get valued for the time that you invest, and meaningful engagements can happen between technology vendors and producers.


We also build a community of like-minded, forward-thinking producers across Australia, supporting them to share challenges, ideas, and solutions for getting the best out of technologies through our online forum (e.g., whatsapp).  

Producers will gain:

  • New experience and expertise in technology management strategies

  • Access to a community of other innovative farmers across Australia

  • Early visibility across and input into new technologies in key opportunity areas

  • Hands on support from F2F to engage with a hand-picked group of technology providers to design and implement effective pilots

Example Opportunity Areas

We’re keen to hear from you about the challenges you’re facing and areas where you’re looking for technologies. Some areas of interest that we have identified are:


  • Virtual fencing

  • Individual animal management

  • Remote monitoring

  • Connectivity

  • Insurance/finance products

  • Safety

  • Feral animal control


  • Automation

  • Precision Agriculture (VRT, sensors,  etc.)

  • Interoperability of systems and data management

  • More efficient testing (soil, grain quality)

  • Farm management systems

Program Timeline

EOIs Open

Mid Sept, 2019

EOIs Close

20th Nov, 2019

Exploration &  Design

Starting Nov, 2019

Engagement Phase 

March  - May 2020

For any questions regarding these dates please contact us at


Key information

​Program duration

6 months 

2020 program dates TBD 



Open to individual producers, consultants working with producers, and grower groups

How do I know if I’m a fit? 

  • Australian producer or group of producers

  • You identify as an early adopter

    • Are actively looking for solutions;

    • Good understanding of your problems / opportunity areas for your business;

    • Good digital literacy/confidence;

    • Have previously had success trialling and implementing relatively new technology