Image by Sam Carter

Case Study

Brenton O'Rourke

The Producer

Brenton O’Rourke is a sheep producer in Wangoom, Victoria. Brenton joined the program with an idea for a technology solution to individually weigh and feed sheep.


By supporting producers to better understand and manage individual animal performance Brenton hoped to improve the efficiency, genetics and profitability of these operations.

Sheep in Field

Program learnings

Over the course of the program Brenton has spoken to a number of potential customers to understand their current performance management strategies and feeding strategies. He has had some difficulties with time availability due to his workplace being under pressure in COVID-19 as well as other matters.


In addition, through customer interviews Brenton discovered that the problem was not as potent for many producers as he thought it would be. He is now reconsidering a path forward for the business and deciding whether achieving just one or two installations is attractive enough to pursue the idea. 


Supporting producers to transform agrifood and fibre